Wednesday, 28 November 2012

24 Nov - South of Thames 5 mile (4th)

South of Thames Champs - 5 miles - Reigate Priory

Easy warm up with a few strides, not really a long enough warm up as not enough time, better spending time on my own before hand though.

2 laps of reigate priory relays. Took the ball of my foot spike out before hand which made traction so difficult on the field. First lap took it fairly easy remained in about 6th place, ran easy up the hill and hard off the top which allowed me to catch up to 4th.

Back in the field I lost a place as my spikes were just not gripping, maintained a strong pace and again easy up the hill and hard off the top. Pushed hard from the ridge right the way back and was very close to catching 3rd. Managed to maintain form right through to finish.

Overall 4th, Chris Greenwood won by about 30 seconds. Pleased but still more to give.

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