Monday, 24 August 2009

16th Aug - Worthing Triathlon

Olympic Distance Tri down in Worthing.

Felt OK in the swim, really need to work on holding my direction better and actually trying my hardest!

T1 was pretty poor, need to leave myself more time for setting up.

Bike was a really nice ride but I def didn't push hard enough, was trying to save my legs for the run but I def didn't go hard enough, at all.

T2 was good although got a 15 sec penalty for taking my helmet off too early.

Run was really good, felt pretty bad for first 3km but just focused on catching the next man each time, 4km-8km felt really good and just pushed as hard as I could. 8km to 10km went for it and felt like shite! Pleased with the time though and 10th overall on the run!


Swim: 30.55 mins
T1: 02.03 mins
Bike: 77.23mins
T2: 00.43 mins
Run: 36.16mins

Total: 2.27.22 hours 101st, 19th in category.

Morale of the story: try harder.

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