Friday, 6 February 2009

6th Feb - Swim - New PB

Morning session at Redhill. Went for 1500m TT.

100m splits:

1.46 mins
2.00 mins
2.05 mins
2.07 mins
2.12 mins
2.10 mins
2.09 mins
2.01 mins
2.05 mins
2.09 mins
2.13 mins
1.58 mins
2.03 mins
2.00 mins
1.53 mins

Total Time: 30.48 mins

This is my fastest 1500m to date so really pleased, tried to reduce the stroke count and lengthen my stroke, seems to have worked. Still slacking off in the middle 800m, think this is a lack of concentration rather than fitness.

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James Poole said...

Champ, great swim, well done mate. Glad to see that your swim team training sessions are having a good affect on your times. Keep it Xtreme.